Supremo business security solutions

Defend against malware, phishing and virus attacks that expose your company to risk.
Protect what matters most with on-premise or cloud-managed endpoint security.


Browser protection is simple integreated application with Supremo PcCleaner
to protect your browser from browser hijacker and malware.
Now no any adware and malaware can modify you homepage.
It will be your choice everytime..

Endpoint Protsction

Change your Homepage:

Malwares and viruses not only damage your computer system,
but they also steal your personal information from your PC and internet browsing history.
Supremo Secure PC Cleaner protects your system and personal information against
such bugs like malware, adware and other unwanted malicious programs.
Our tools like website blocker and by changing your web browser homepage for a better,
safer and reliable internet surfing. Supremo PC Cleaner help you to change your homepage
so there is no requirement of expertise in changing homepage as per your need.
You can do it very easily here.

Endpoint Protsction


USP protection help you to protect your computer with unwanted USB.
It help you to disable your USB ports and it will not respond you OFF the USB protection.

Endpoint Protsction


Browse the internet anonymously no need to compromise your privacy.
Our location changer provide you safer browsing and better protection.
You can hide your IP with a single click.
It will provide shield cover to protect you from tracking, strip ads, block malicious websites,
It can be used not only against filters, but also as a filter for anonymous tracking
that is attached with your IP to take benefit from you.

Endpoint Protsction
Endpoint Protsction


Now you can Block websites that you don't want to see.
Our website blocker give you a extra access to block and unblock website that you want.


Now single click help you to protect your DNS


Endpoint Protsction