About Us


Born as an idea, Supremo Secure evolved as a full-fledged PC Cleaner out of hard work and passion. This software has originated from very personal experience of computer system breakdown due to several unwanted files, virus and malwares.

After having heard several similar stories, driven by a strong sense of contributing to others by helping and passion for software development, we took it as our responsibility to do something about it. Hence, Supremo Secure PC Cleaner by Supremo Innovations Pvt Ltd.

We decided to group up those who have computer based knowledge from the most fundamental systems and began developing this total solution computer optimization program.  We commenced by creating user-friendly software programs that would help counteract improper shut downs, freezes and breakdowns, slow-running computers, and sluggish startups.

Once the software completely developed, we tested it thoroughly. We analyzed the software performance and boosted it wherever required.


Supremo Innovations Pvt Ltd is a leading software developing company in PC optimization software, with its head office in United kingdoms. We’re devoted to innovating supreme applications for your PC.

At Supremo Innovations Pvt Ltd we invent software that boost your computer performance. We make the speedier, more secure and superior privacy.

Supremo Innovations Pvt Ltd  registration number is 285974.Its Email address is billing@supremosecure.com and we are based in 776 – 778 Barking Road, London, E13 9PJ.

Supremo PC Cleaner is a product of Supremo Innovations Pvt Ltd that is global leaders in PC optimization software, with offices in India and London. We’re dedicated to creating the best applications for your PC. For software purchase and any other query write us billing@supremosecure.com or visit our website www.supremosecure.com.


Our PC Cleaner is trusted and accepted software that is built on several improved lines of code. We have developed the fastest performance booster for a faster, smoother, safer, bug free browsing experience.

Our software is qualitative and compatible with Windows computers.

Our software is used and trusted by millions, worldwide and in millions of businesses. In fact Supremo PC Cleaner alone has been installed more than 1 Billion times of all the PCs in the world.
We’ve improved and optimized thousands of lines of code. Our developers aim for the fastest, most compact, bug free products you can run on your PC.


Our team is a combination of late-working, highly-skilled staff and a heavy dose of caffeine. Together we design, create and maintain the software.


All our products are fully tested to the highest standard.

How does supremosecure help?

Identifies and fixes

  • registry issues
  • corrupted files
  • startup lags
  • system issues


  • duplicate files
  • junk files
  • caches
  • error messages
  • old data no more in use

What happens if you don’t clean your PC?

  • Your system gets cluttered with unwanted files
  • More junk files will slow down your PC system
  • The lesser free space, the more your PC will freeze
  • Reduced computer performance due to poorly written application files
  • Large chunks of junk data due to temporary files
  • Temporary internet files can cause improper shut down

What can malwares and viruses do to your computer?

  • Steal your personal information and address book
  • Steal your passwords
  • Flood your browser with pop-ups
  • Spams your inbox with advertising emails
  • Slows your connection down and crashes your computer
  • Hijacks your browser
  • Redirects you to advertising or phishing-con web page
  • Use your computer as secret server for broadcasting pornography files